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People Counter Sensor

People Counter Sensor can accurately monitor the number of people using the facility. This data is essential to determine the facility’s usage patterns and plan cleaner activities accordingly.

Air Quality Sensor

Based on your facility’s location there are various gas concentrations that affect its internal odour. This sensor is capable of measuring these to notify the cleaner to take necessary action in case of an unpleasant odour.

Dispenser Monitoring Sensor

Monitor your facilitie's consumables such as tissues, sanitizer, etc. and track usage patterns tp plan refurbishment in advance.

Wetness Detection Sensor

Facilities are prone to spillages and messy conditions leading to accidents and unhappy users. Wetness Detection Sensor instantly detect such anomalies and makes cleaning decisions.

With the Toilet Analytics System in place, our attendants are able to switch from scheduled based cleaning to demand based cleaning. this helps to improve the efficiency of the department as a whole. Mr Imran Bin Ahmad
Manager, Mount Elizabeth Hospital
The value of standardizing cleaning practices and procedures cannot be understated which is where I see such colossal value in the real-time monitoring and quality control systems that SmartClean can readily implement in any location. L Mr. Gary Mays
Executive Director, AquaTemp

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