Interactive Dashboard and Cleaner App

Data collected by sensors on a real-time basis provides cleaners and managers with an integrated platform to track housekeeping requirements and usage patterns of the facility

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Customised reports

Real-time data tracking

Complex analytics

Cleaner management

Usage patterns

Predictive cleaning

Interactive Dashboard

Our dashboard is a data management tool that tracks, analyses, monitors and visually displays key business metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven and healthy facility management decisions.

Cleaner App

Empower your cleaning staff to focus on quality execution of work. Automate work routine, and turn data into action. With everything the team needs to know and do in one place, you can stay aligned to your main goals.

With the Toilet Analytics System in place, our attendants are able to switch from scheduled based cleaning to demand based cleaning. this helps to improve the efficiency of the department as a whole. Mr Imran Bin Ahmad
Manager, Mount Elizabeth Hospital
The value of standardizing cleaning practices and procedures cannot be understated which is where I see such colossal value in the real-time monitoring and quality control systems that SmartClean can readily implement in any location. L Mr. Gary Mays
Executive Director, AquaTemp

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