March 6, 2019

The Importance Of Hygiene In Public Restrooms

Numerous people using limited public toilets or restrooms means that such facilities can become very smelly and nasty in a short time unless you follow a well-thought of hygiene policy. When you don’t maintain the cleanliness standards expected of you, it certainly affects your reputation and has an impact on your workers and clients too. After all, a restroom can serve as a reflection of the type of business you manage. The need of the hour is to not just deal with the current challenges but also try and be one step ahead to tackle the complexities of tomorrow. Data-driven automated cleaning solutions are one way that can empower businesses to eliminate long-standing challenges, stay competitive and enhance their performance in the marketplace. With SmartClean’s data-driven cleaning solutions your business can shift from schedule-based cleaning to need-based cleaning. Your staff can have access to real-time data collected from our smart sensors installed in your toilets. Our People Counter Sensor can let you know the number of people using your facility, the usage, trends and the peak time when the facilities are the busiest. Our Air Quality Sensors can alert your cleaning staff by sensing the level of odour in the environment so you can take action promptly. Your customers will always come to fresh toilets that are clean and stocked with all the consumables enabling a better experience.

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