March 6, 2019

How To Cater To Heavy-Traffic Commercial Restrooms And Keep Them Clean?

Railway stations, airports, stadiums, arenas and other sports venues are some of the busiest locations that see a heavy population at all times. Cleaning and maintaining these types of locations requires some serious amount of planning and communication and cannot be approached haphazardly.

Take the scenario of a football stadium filled with 65,000 people. Imagine at half-time when all these people would need to use the public toilets, how do you cater to them without running out of consumables and maintaining the overall hygiene of the toilets?

If we go by the statistics, 70% to 75% people who use washrooms at such public areas are not satisfied with the experience. A high majority of people even eat and drink less during an important match in order to avoid using the restrooms. With SmartClean’s Dispenser Monitor Sensor you can ensure that your customers have round-the-clock availability of consumables like toilet paper, soaps and paper towels. The intelligent sensor can be installed at all the washrooms of the location and can alert your cleaning staff when the level of consumables drops below a certain threshold. This would ensure that the toilets are well-stocked at all times and the customers don’t have to wait for fresh towels and have a good experience using your facility.

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